If you sell us the listed cartridges, we will reimburse the respective stated value!

Many cartridge models are purchased from these manufacturers, please check the reimbursement of your printer cartridge:

Canon ink cartridges purchase
Hewlett-Packard ink cartridges purchase
Neopost ink cartridges purchase

Information on the purchase prices for empty ink cartridges and printer cartridges

Price list valid for goods receipts from 1.4.2024 to 30.4.2024

The article number stands for the manufacturer's name of the ink cartridge and the No. indicates the manufacturer's abbreviation on the label.

The purchase prices for original cartridges can be found in the column Original empties, those for already refilled ink cartridges in the column Refilled empties.

If you click on the respective item, you will be taken to the details page of the corresponding empty ink cartridge. With the Add empty inkjet cartridge to sales trolley button you can add the respective article to the sales cart.

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More information: Selling empty ink and toner to us is as simple as this...

Only undamaged empty modules are purchased. Damage to empty modules often occurs during transport. Please pack all empty modules safely and carefully. Models marked with * are best shipped in the original packaging.

Only toner and ink cartridges listed on the current purchase price list are reimbursed. Unless otherwise stated, XS, Introductory, Setup, Instant Ink or Starter cartridges and cartridges as well as replicas or modifications are not purchased.

Each shipment of empty toner or ink must be accompanied by a shipping ticket with your address, email address and telephone number. Please also note our conditions of purchase.