So kommen die leeren Tonerkartuschen, Druckerpatronen und Wertstoffe zu geldfuermuell:

Your shipping options

That´s how the old printer cartridges come to geldfuermuell

Parcel? Unfortunately, we can not pick up parcels outside of Germany. However, we will pay you a transport cost subsidy: 5% of the value of your toner cartridges and ink cartridges (up to 50€ per shipment) in addition to your compensation.

Please use our Shipping Ticket and send your package sufficiently franked to: geldfuermuell GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 26, 91161 Hilpoltstein, Germany

Pallet? You can give us a pick-up order for pallets. This is possible for the following countries. If the product value is higher than the value mentioned below, shipping will be free of charge:

Pick-up in Country Free until Value / pallet Else cost of Pickup / pallet
DE Pickup in Germany Germany 150,00 EURO 50,00 EURO
AT Pickup in Austria Austria 450,00 EURO 90,00 EURO
FR Pickup in France France 550,00 EURO 110,00 EURO
PT Pickup in Portugal Portugal 550,00 EURO 110,00 EURO
IT Pickup in Italy Italy 450,00 EURO 90,00 EURO
PL Pickup in Poland Poland 550,00 EURO 110,00 EURO
BG Pickup in Bulgaria Bulgaria 550,00 EURO 110,00 EURO
CH Pickup in der Switzerland Switzerland 850,00 EURO 170,00 EURO
ES Pickup in Spain Spain 700,00 EURO 140,00 EURO
FI Pickup in Finland Finland 700,00 EURO 140,00 EURO
GR Pickup in Greece Greece 900,00 EURO 180,00 EURO
HR Pickup in Croatia Croatia 750,00 EURO 150,00 EURO
HU Pickup in Hungary Hungary 550,00 EURO 110,00 EURO
NL Pickup in Netherlands Netherlands 500,00 EURO 100,00 EURO
RO Pickup in Romania Romania 900,00 EURO 180,00 EURO
SI Pickup in Slovenia Slovenia 700,00 EURO 140,00 EURO
Other countries on request on request