How do the old toner cartridges and empty printer cartridges get to us?

These (shipping) options are available:

By package

You send your package sufficiently franked with a parcel service of your choice to geldfuermuell GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 26, D-91161 Hilpoltstein.
In return we will pay you a contribution to transport costs:
We add 5% of the value of your toner cartridges and ink cartridges to your remuneration, up to 50€ per shipment.

Recommended for unknown remuneration value or for shipments with a small volume!

By pallet

For larger quantities of empty toner cartridges, we offer a pallet collection service at reasonable prices**.
Above a certain remuneration value per pallet the collection is even free of charge*.
The prices depend on the country from which the pallets are to be collected. Please note the following list:

Recommended for high remuneration value or for shipments with a large volume!

Prices for the pick-up service

Pick-up in Country ** Cost per Pallet * Free of charge from
Pick-up Service Austria Austria 100€ 500€
Pick-up Service Croatia Croatia 140€ 700€
Pick-up Service Finland Finland 180€ 900€
Pick-up Service France France 135€ 675€
Pick-up Service Germany Germany 50€ 150€
Pick-up Service Greece Greece 210€ 1050€
Pick-up Service Hungary Hungary 130€ 650€
Pick-up Service Italy Italy 110€ 550€
Pick-up Service Netherlands Netherlands 120€ 600€
All other countries On request On request