Carefully checked and it comes nevertheless once to a complaint?!

Then please return the faulty products to us:

All empty printer cartridges are carefully checked by qualified personnel for possible damage and deterioration and are packed securely for shipping. If you should have any complaints or claims, please use the following return form to return the rejected goods:

Download the return form

Of course you can also use your own listings for the table of contents. Nevertheless, please enclose this return note and make sure to use geldfuermuell GmbH as the recipient. We can only accept complaints if the printer cartridges are still in their original condition. Immediately after checking the claimed empty cartridges, we will issue a credit note for invoicing.

In order to be able to improve our quality continuously, we need defective empty modules back for error analysis. Damage that occurs during the return transport deprives us of the possibility to identify the original complaint and to avoid it in the future.

Please pack complaint shipments

With ink cartridges so that the metal parts of the cartridges do not touch each other during transport and thus cannot damage each other.

With toner cartridges so that sensitive parts (e.g. flaps, fins, etc.) in particular cannot break off during transport.