Terms and Conditions

Unsere Bedingungen für den Ankauf leerer Druckerpatronen, Toner und Wertstoffe:

Please note!

The following conditions apply when we purchase of your empty toner and inkjet cartridges and other recyclable items:


We only buy the empty ink cartridges, old toner cartridges and recyclables that are included on our purchase price lists. Furthermore, these will only be bought in the condition specified therein (virgin empties, recycled empties, virgin fulls, etc.) and according to the respective specified criteria (bulk, individually packed, without battery, undamaged, without stickers, unopened, etc.). We buy EU regional cartridges only.

We will only pay for undamaged ink and toner cartridges. If you would like to have any defective toner or ink cartridges returned to you then please be sure to use only our shipping ticket and mark the request that they are not to be disposed but rather stored for pick-up.

We will dispose of household quantities of unusable but virgin toner cartridges (i.e. toner cartridges whose model or condition when received by us are not included on the applicable purchase price list) free of charge for private or commercial end users. We will dispose of non-recyclable ink cartridges free of charge, irrespective of quantity.

A disposal fee of €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT) will be levied to cover the proper disposal of consignments that exceed household quantities or do not come from end users. If you would like to have any unlisted toner cartridges returned to you then please be sure to use only our shipping ticket and mark the request for them to be returned.

A disposal fee of €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT) will be levied to cover the disposal of waste of any another kind (e.g. desk phone handsets, analogue cameras, batteries, already recycled or alternative toner cartridges or other electronic waste).


The terms of our current purchase price list apply for all transactions. The amount of compensation depends on the purchase price list that is in force when we receive the ink cartridges, toner cartridges or recyclables. The purchase prices can very from one month to the next. All prices are stated in euros.

Our purchase prices will apply for cartridge recycling companies and empty cartridge dealers only if they have been agreed to in advance. We are to be notified in writing in advance of any deliveries from recycling companies and empty cartridge dealers and these will require our confirmation of purchase in each case. We reserve the right to refuse large quantities of empty ink cartridges, old toner cartridges or recyclables or to restrict quantities to suit our needs before acceptance.

If you are entitled to an input tax deduction and verify this by stating your German tax ID or German VAT ID on the shipping ticket then you will be paid the applicable German VAT at that time in addition to the compensation specified in the purchase price list. A transfer of the tax debt applies for the purchase of recyclables in accordance with Section 13 Subsection 7 of the German Value Added Tax Act.


Most damage occurs during transport. Please pack your consignment so that it is safe for transport. Please wrap toner and ink cartridges in individual plastic bags if they contain some residual toner or ink that could leak out. Please put CDs, cables, digital cameras, tablet PCs and mobile phones in a separate bag per item type (not individually per item) to keep them separate from the old toner cartridges and empty ink cartridges.

The consignor is liable for damages resulting from improper packing. Consignments contaminated with inadequately packed toner or ink will not be credited but will be disposed of and the cost of doing so passed on to the customer at €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT). The risk of loss and decline of the goods is not transferred to geldfuermuell GmbH until the handover and handout of the goods at our business premises at Bahnhofstrasse 26, D-91161 Hilpoltstein.


Each consignment must be accompanied by a shipping ticket including your street address, email address and telephone number. A list of contents is not necessary. The consignor guarantees that the consignor is authorized to sell the goods and transfer ownership of them to geldfuermuell GmbH. The consignor furthermore guarantees that the goods are not encumbered with third parties' rights.


The consignment of goods (delivery) must be sent carriage paid, i.e. all transport costs must be borne by the customer. Alternatively you can order a return shipment from us. If the (net) compensation amount is at least €30 per parcel/€150 per pallet then parcel postage will be provided and the pick-up order for pallets or parcels will be carried out for you free of charge within Germany (only standard-sized parcels up to a maximum of 31.5 kg).

If the (net) compensation amount is under €30 per parcel/€150 per pallet then the costs for return delivery within Germany will amount to €6 per parcel/€50 per pallet (plus VAT). These will be deducted from or offset through the compensation value of the sent items. The minimum values and costs for transports from outside of Germany differ.


When your consignment is received our specialists will check the quantity and condition of the old toner cartridges, empty ink cartridges and recyclables. The account will be drawn up within 7 working days (Monday to Friday) of receipt. Payment will be made as the customer requests, either by bank transfer or crossed cheque. (Please note that crossed cheques can only be issued to our customers located in Germany exclusively. In this case a fee of €1.00 for bank fees and postage to send the cheque will be deducted from the payment.) You will receive the statement by email.

Final provisions

The General Terms & Conditions of geldfuermuell GmbH apply exclusively, even if we have not expressly excluded other GTCs. By sending us a consignment or by placing a pick-up order with us you automatically accept the General Terms & Conditions of geldfuermuell GmbH, which can be viewed at any time on the Internet at www.geldfuermuell.de. Both the sending of a consignment to us as well as the placement of a pick-up order merely represent offers to conclude a contract. The conclusion of a contract requires our acceptance in each case. For clarification, we expressly reserve the right to reject offers to conclude a contract with anyone without specifying a reason.

If individual provisions of these Terms & Conditions should be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a provision that comes as close as possible to the intended purpose of the invalid provision. All of the listed brand names and product names are protected by the copyrights of the respective manufactures. They are presented here exclusively for viewing purposes. If the contractual partner is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law then the parties agree that Schwabach shall be the exclusive jurisdiction for all claims arising from this contract. The same applies with regard to those that do not have any general jurisdiction in Germany or those that have relocated their domicile or habitual residence to a location outside of Germany after the conclusion of the contract or whose domicile or habitual residence is unknown at the time the action is filed. These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Germany exclusively.