For Recycling tintenpatrone made by hewlett-packard are usuable too

Hewlett-Packard Tintenpatrone C1823D (23) - (Tri-)Color

Auf dem Bild sehen Sie den ArtikelC1823D von Hewlett-Packard. Dieses Tintenpatrone Modell eignet sich für das Recycling und wird daher angekauft.

Remuneration for a printer cartridge that has already been refilled (once or several times):

0,00 €


Only the empty printer cartridges from the printer manufacturer are original. If not stated otherwise, no purchase of Setup or Instant Ink cartridges or cartridges with a new chip.

More information about Hewlett-Packard Tintenpatrone C1823D

Printer Name: DeskJet 810C

Color: Rot, Gelb, Blau

OEM reference number: C1823DE ; C1823D; HP23

Complements: C6615D;


Tintenpatrone from: HP PSC 500 CXI; HP DeskJet 710 C; HP DeskJet 712 C; HP DeskJet 1120 CSE; HP Color Copier 270; HP DeskJet 890 CSE; HP OfficeJet R 45; HP OfficeJet T 65 XI; HP OfficeJet T 65; HP Color Copier 145; HP DeskJet 1125 C; HP Color Copier 280; HP Color Copier 170; HP OfficeJet R 40 XI; HP DeskJet 810 C; HP DeskJet 1180 CSE; HP DeskJet 880 C; HP OfficeJet R 80; HP DeskJet 1180 CXI; HP Color Copier 180; HP Color Copier 150; HP DeskJet 1120 C; HP DeskJet 722 C; HP DeskJet 720 Series; HP OfficeJet R 60; HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 CSE; HP DeskJet 710 Series; HP Color Copier 260; HP DeskJet 890 CXI; HP Color Copier 155; HP DeskJet 1180 C; HP Color Copier 150 Series; HP Color Copier 140; HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 CXI; HP OfficeJet R 65; HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 CSE; HP PSC 500 Series; HP PSC 500; HP DeskJet 830 C; HP DeskJet 815 C; HP DeskJet 830 Series; HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 CXI; HP OfficeJet T 45; HP DeskJet 720 C; HP OfficeJet R 80 XI; HP DeskJet 890 Series; HP Color Copier 160; HP DeskJet 882 C; HP PSC 500 XI; HP DeskJet 1180 Series; HP OfficeJet T 45 XI; HP Color Copier 190; HP DeskJet 812 C; HP DeskJet 1120 Series; HP DeskJet 832 C; HP DeskJet 895 CXI; HP DeskJet 895 CSE; HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 Series; HP DeskJet 1120 CXI; HP OfficeJet R 40; HP DeskJet 890 C; HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 Series; HP Color Copier 140 Series; HP DeskJet 880 Series; HP OfficeJet Pro 1170 C; HP OfficeJet Pro 1175 C; Toshiba MJ 5002; Toshiba GA 1030; Kodak Science 1000 PS

Tintenpatrone purchase Hewlett-Packard C1823D

Purchase of an empty Hewlett-Packard C1823D Tintenpatrone for recycling or refilling. Please do not throw away, old ink cartridges must not be disposed of in the household waste. Please dispose of them properly, best of all with geldfuermuell. Depending on the model it may be worthwhile not to dispose of old printer cartridges but to sell them. In any case, our environment benefits from the correct disposal of Tintenpatrone Hewlett-Packard C1823D.