ATTENTION: In addition to the regular version of this ink cartridge, there is also an extra small or XS version. Unfortunately, these cartridges can not be refilled with a larger capacity. And since hardly any consumer is prepared to buy a refilled ink cartridge with a capacity of less than 100 pages, these ink cartridges have no or a much lower remuneration value than the larger cartridges. As you can see these XS cartridges we explain at Extra small inks.

For Recycling tintenpatrone made by hewlett-packard are usuable too

Hewlett-Packard Tintenpatrone C8765EE (338) - Schwarz

Auf dem Bild sehen Sie den ArtikelC8765EE von Hewlett-Packard. Dieses Tintenpatrone Modell eignet sich für das Recycling und wird daher angekauft.

Remuneration for a printer cartridge that has already been refilled (once or several times):

0,00 €


Only the empty printer cartridges from the printer manufacturer are original. If not stated otherwise, no purchase of Setup or Instant Ink cartridges or cartridges with a new chip.

More information about Hewlett-Packard Tintenpatrone C8765EE

Printer Name: DeskJet 5740 / 6540

Color: Schwarz

OEM reference number: C8765EE; C8765E ; HP338

Complements: C8766EE; C9363EE;

Alternativ: C8765EE XS;

Tintenpatrone from: HP OfficeJet 6210 V; HP DeskJet 9800 Series; HP DeskJet 6540 DT; HP PhotoSmart 8000 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8450 V; HP PhotoSmart 8450 GP; HP PhotoSmart 8150 Series; HP DeskJet 460 WBT; HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100 Series; HP DeskJet 5745; HP DeskJet 6540; HP PhotoSmart 8050 Series; HP PSC 2350; HP PhotoSmart 2700 Series; HP DeskJet 6800 Series; HP PhotoSmart 2610 XI; HP PhotoSmart 2575; HP OfficeJet 7400 Series; HP OfficeJet K 7108; HP OfficeJet 6215; HP PhotoSmart C 3180; HP PSC 1500 Series; HP OfficeJet H 470 WF; HP PhotoSmart 8400 Series; HP OfficeJet H 470 B; HP PSC 1510 XI; HP DeskJet 6500 Series; HP OfficeJet 7310 XI; HP PSC 2355 Series; HP OfficeJet 7410; HP PSC 2355; HP DeskJet 9800 D; HP OfficeJet 7410 XI; HP PSC 1610; HP DeskJet 5700 Series; HP OfficeJet 7208; HP PhotoSmart 2615; HP OfficeJet 150 Mobile; HP PhotoSmart 2710; HP DeskJet 9800; HP DeskJet 460 C; HP DeskJet 6540 D; HP OfficeJet K 7100; HP PhotoSmart 8150; HP PhotoSmart Pro B 8353; HP PSC 1513 S; HP DeskJet 5740; HP PhotoSmart C 3110; HP PSC 1618; HP PhotoSmart 2570; HP PhotoSmart 8050; HP OfficeJet 7213; HP OfficeJet 7310; HP PSC 1510; HP PhotoSmart C 3175; HP PSC 1615; HP OfficeJet 100; HP PhotoSmart C 3190; HP OfficeJet H 470; HP PhotoSmart 7850 XI; HP PhotoSmart 2610; HP OfficeJet 6210; HP OfficeJet 7413; HP PhotoSmart 2575 xi; HP PSC 1610 Series; HP OfficeJet 7210; HP PSC 2355 XI; HP PhotoSmart 8049; HP PSC 1610 V; HP PSC 2300 Series; HP DeskJet 6540 Series; HP PSC 2355 V; HP PSC 2355 P; HP OfficeJet K 7103; HP OfficeJet H 470 WBT; HP PhotoSmart C 3185; HP PSC 1603; HP OfficeJet Pro K 7100; HP PSC 2700 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8450 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8150 XI; HP PhotoSmart 2608; HP PhotoSmart Pro B 8300 Series; HP PhotoSmart C 3194; HP PhotoSmart 7850 Series; HP DeskJet 6840; HP PhotoSmart 8450; HP PhotoSmart 2710 XI; HP PhotoSmart C 3183; HP PhotoSmart C 3135; HP PhotoSmart 7850 V; HP PhotoSmart 2600 Series; HP PhotoSmart 7850; HP PhotoSmart C 3150; HP PhotoSmart 8050 V; HP DeskJet 460; HP OfficeJet 7408; HP PhotoSmart C 3100 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8030; HP OfficeJet 6210 XI; HP OfficeJet 7300 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8450 XI; HP DeskJet 6520; HP OfficeJet K 7100 Series; HP PSC 1610 XI; HP OfficeJet H 470 Series; HP PhotoSmart 8150 V; HP OfficeJet 7210 XI; HP OfficeJet 6213; HP PSC 2610; HP DeskJet 9803 D; HP PSC 2600 Series; HP PhotoSmart C 3125; HP PhotoSmart Pro B 8330; HP OfficeJet 6200 Series; HP PhotoSmart C 3140; HP DeskJet 6830 V; HP PhotoSmart 2605; HP PhotoSmart 8100 Series; HP DeskJet 460 WF; HP PhotoSmart Pro B 8350; HP PhotoSmart 7800 Series; HP OfficeJet 6205; HP PhotoSmart C 3170; HP PSC 1600 Series; HP DeskJet 460 CB; HP PSC 2710; HP PhotoSmart 8050 XI; HP PSC 1510 S; HP DeskJet 460 Series; HP PhotoSmart 2500 Series; HP DeskJet 6830; HP OfficeJet 6210 Series; HP OfficeJet H 470 BT; HP DeskJet 6600 Series; HP DeskJet 9860; HP DeskJet 9803; HP DeskJet 6620; HP OfficeJet 6208

Tintenpatrone purchase Hewlett-Packard C8765EE

Purchase of an empty Hewlett-Packard C8765EE Tintenpatrone for recycling or refilling. Please do not throw away, old ink cartridges must not be disposed of in the household waste. Please dispose of them properly, best of all with geldfuermuell. Depending on the model it may be worthwhile not to dispose of old printer cartridges but to sell them. In any case, our environment benefits from the correct disposal of Tintenpatrone Hewlett-Packard C8765EE.