Sell unused toners simply and conveniently to geldfuermuell GmbH

Printers broken?

It's that time again: new printers for the office had to be purchased and now you are sitting on boxes full of unused, old toners or printer cartridges that cannot be used in the new printers? Or you as a private person had to buy a new printer because the old one failed and you still have some old, unused toners or cartridges in stock? So what should you do? Don't just throw your unused toners or cartridges in the rubbish, because they can be worth hard cash. Simply sell your remaining stock to

Sell unused toners

Since 1998, we at geldfuermuell have been buying empty toner cartridges to refill them. Recently, we have also started buying unused toners and printer cartridges.

We distinguish between three different quality levels for the purchase of the remaining items. If you sell A-quality goods, you will receive the highest price.

Quality level A are exclusively unused, unopened and originally packaged toner cartridges whose packaging shows no damage. The purchase prices for this quality level can be found for the most common items in our purchase price list in the column Original surplus.

Quality level B are those toner cartridges that are unused and in their original packaging, but whose packaging shows damage. Please request the purchase prices for this quality level via enquiry form with us.

All cartridges that are unpacked but still originally sealed or welded are rated as quality level C. Used cartridges, regardless of the remaining quantity, are rated as empties.

Sell instead of throw away

Selling unused toners at geldfuermuell is quick and easy. Instead of throwing toner cartridges you no longer need in the rubbish, simply turn them into cash. Private individuals, companies with remaining stocks, dealers with remaining stocks or offices can sell. As a private person, you will certainly not have acquired a huge stock of printer cartridges or toner cartridges for your printer, but you can also sell a small quantity to us without any problems.

You are a retailer and have a warehouse full of ink cartridges and unused toner cartridges? You want to make room in your warehouse and don't know what to do with the surplus goods? Then you too can sell your goods to Geldfuermuell. Regardless of whether it's a question of slow-moving items, returns, leftover promotional goods or insolvency goods, at Geldfuermuell you can sell your remaining stock simply and easily and still get a good price for it.

With over 20 years of experience, over 45,000 satisfied customers and a turnaround time of approximately four days, geldfuermuell makes it easy for you to offer unused toners. Approximately 55 million cartridges and 8 million toner cartridges are sold every year. About 90% of these cartridges and toner cartridges are thoughtlessly disposed of in household waste after use or even unused toners or cartridges. It is so easy to protect the environment and earn some money by selling empty or unused toners.

Or can you take the purchase prices from our price list right away?

On our purchase price list for old toner cartridges you will find the current remunerations for the most common empty and also full, originally packed toner cartridges:

Ankaufspreise für Tonerkartuschen

After toner change: The purchase prices for empty original cartridges are listed in the column Original empties. Only the printer manufacturer's toner cartridges are original.

Ankaufspreise für Tonerkartuschen

After changing the printer: The purchase prices for full, originally packed toner cartridges can be found in the column Original surplus. The prices are only valid for toner cartridges in unopened, undamaged, unlabelled and unglued original cartons.

Sell unused toner and printer cartridges

There are many reasons for stocking up on toners or printer cartridges. Especially in offices or large companies, a larger quantity of office supplies must always be in stock in order to keep work running smoothly. As a rule, most original printer cartridges or toners are so expensive that the purchase of a larger quantity of unused toners is well worth it due to the quantity discount offered. Since many online retailers are happy to offer very good discounts on larger quantities, it is even worth buying for private households and not just for companies.

Unfortunately, modern electronics are deliberately not designed to last forever. The fact that a printer stops working from one day to the next is not always due to cheap replacement cartridges or incorrect handling. In many industries, production is only designed for "throw-away products" instead of products with a long service life that could be repaired at low cost. Successors to a product that are "even better and even faster" conquer the market in a very short time and tempt customers to buy quickly. The old printer suddenly stops working and the old toners or cartridges no longer fit the new, much better model. There you are, sitting on a pile of unused printer cartridges or originally packaged toners, vowing never again to stock up on unused toners. But you don't have to despair, just sell your remaining stock, because geldfuermuell is happy to take your goods off your hands.

If you need to buy a new printer, look for a model that is compatible with your remaining toner or cartridges. Many new models allow you to use the same toners as your old model. This way you can use up your remaining cartridges or toners and save money at the same time.

How does the sale work?

Selling toners and printer cartridges at geldfuermuell is very easy. Go to the request form on the website and enter the number of printer cartridges or unused toners. In addition, please enter the manufacturer and the condition of the cartridges or toners. The condition is classified into three different categories, information about the categories can be found directly on the enquiry form. Add your name and address and you can print out the form and send it by fax or send it directly by e-mail. Please note that geldfuermuell only buys unused original printer cartridges and unused toners. You will receive the offer from as soon as possible by e-mail.

Download the enquiry form

To find out the purchase price of individual toners - original and unused toners - you can also check the purchase price list. To do this, click on the brand logo of your old printer on the price list and look for the article and manufacturer number of the toner you want to sell. You will find the current purchase price in the appropriate column on the right. If you want to sell your toner, simply click on the + button and place it in the sales trolley. In the sales trolley, enter the number of toners you want to sell and the total purchase price will be displayed.

If you accept the offer and would like to sell unused toners or cartridges, send your printer cartridges or unused toners carefully packed and free of charge from a minimum payment by DHL parcel (only within Germany) to geldfuermuell. After a check, you will receive your money quite simply by bank transfer.