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Active environmental protection and sustainability have already found their way into many areas of daily life and will become increasingly important in the future. By now, almost every child knows that resources for the production of various goods are not available in unlimited quantities and that it makes sense to recycle waste products or objects that are no longer needed, if possible. Often, however, people are still very careless when it comes to everyday consumer goods, and many things simply end up in the household waste. This is partly due to carelessness, but much more often simply due to ignorance about the possibilities of environmentally friendly disposal or reuse through recycling. Active environmental protection starts with the "little things", such as separating waste or sending recyclable items to the appropriate disposal companies or service providers. A great contribution to environmental protection and sustainability is to have toner cartridges or printer cartridges disposed of in the right way by a professionally experienced service provider.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

Why it is important to have toner disposed of by a service provider without harming the environment

Why it is important to have toner disposed of by a service provider without harming the environment

It is not only in every office that a wide variety of printers, fax machines or copiers are present. For many years, the modern and practical inkjet or laser printers, as well as the other devices for office communication or similar, have also found their place in almost every household. The operation of the devices has become very user-friendly and simple. Changing the practical printer cartridges or toner cartridges can be done in a few easy steps and has made the devices very user-friendly for every user in daily use. The consumption of printer cartridges for inkjet printers or toner cartridges for laser devices has increased continuously. As easy as it is to change the cartridges, many consumers find it all the more difficult to dispose of their printer cartridges or toner cartridges. Disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges with household waste seems the easiest thing to do at first. However, it is extremely important for the environment that consumers dispose of toner responsibly. The fine toner dust can contain many different pollutants that are toxic to humans or the environment and should not simply be released by disposing of it in household waste. Heavy metals such as nickel, mercury, lead, cobalt or substances such as dibutyltin, styrene, chloroform and many other environmentally harmful substances can be contained in the toner dust. These harmful toner emissions are not present in all toner products, but may well be present in some - especially if their origin is unclear. The detection of these hazardous substances in toners from various producers has been carried out for years by various environmental or consumer protection institutes, such as various TÜV institutes (TÜV-Nord, TÜV-Rheinland and others), Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest, Hamburger Umweltinstitut, LGA Bayern and many others. All these institutes urgently point out the hazards for humans, animals and the environment caused by the harmful toner emissions and emphasise: Consumers should under no circumstances dispose of printer cartridges or dispose of toner cartridges in household waste!

Consumers who dispose of toner in household waste are allowing toxins to enter the environment

By disposing of them in household waste, the toxic substances could also end up in the groundwater, for example. When the cartridges decompose in landfills, the remaining toner particles are released into the environment. Wind and rain can then cause the toxic pollutants to enter the soil and thus the groundwater. Pollutants that cannot be completely filtered out of the groundwater contaminate the drinking water. Thus, a harmful cycle is closed and the harmful substances re-enter the consumer's household. The toxins are also very harmful to the plant life that draws water from the groundwater. When the pollutants are absorbed into plants, the toxic substances also enter the food chain of animals and humans. There are better alternatives when consumers need to dispose of empty printer cartridges or discarded toner cartridges. When disposing of toner, never simply throw it into household waste or residual waste!

Dispose of printer cartridges or toner cartridges - recycling is the most environmentally friendly way

Dispose of printer cartridges or toner cartridges - recycling is the most environmentally friendly way

Every product involves a long production process in which many different resources have to be used for manufacturing. For example, various raw materials and energy are used in the production of printer cartridges or toner cartridges. If used but recyclable printer cartridges or toner cartridges are disposed of with the residual waste, these resources are irretrievably lost. Many consumers are not sufficiently informed about how they should dispose of their printer cartridges or toner cartridges. They buy new cartridges or toner cartridges without knowing the recycling cycle for these products. Consumers can dispose of their used printer cartridges via Geldfuermuell GmbH and also dispose of the toner cartridges used in laser printing. The great advantage is that the recycled toner products can be refurbished and re-filled without the need for new production. Resources that have become scarce worldwide, such as crude oil and others, can be sustainably conserved. Not only in private households, but especially in the workplace, disposing of toner via Geldfuermuell GmbH's recycling service can be very worthwhile. In offices, many documents are printed or copied. Every day, many faxes arrive from other business partners. The consumption of toner, printer cartridges or toner cartridges is often very high in modern offices. By selling toner cartridges to Geldfuermuell Gmbh, a lot of money can be saved on both private and especially commercial toner consumption. Responsible bosses should point out to their employees the alternative option of disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges and encourage them to have their toner disposed of in this way by the modern recycling service provider Geldfuermuell GmbH. But also for school or study, the printer at home can be used more extensively without a guilty conscience for the sake of the environment. In this way, even children learn active environmental protection and sustainability as well as their importance in daily life and in dealing with the "little" things. For children and students, it will become a matter of course to have printer cartridges or toner cartridges disposed of by a modern disposal service provider such as Geldfuermuell GmbH.

Disposing of toner - simple and uncomplicated via geldfuermuell GmbH

You can easily dispose of toner via the online platform www.geldfuermuell.de and even receive money for your used printer cartridges or toner cartridges. At Geldfuermuell GmbH, consumers have been able to dispose of printer cartridges or toner cartridges in an environmentally friendly way since 1998. The empty printer cartridges or toner cartridges are refilled and recycled and made available to the trade. More than 40,000 consumers have their toner disposed of in this way. Unfortunately, many other consumers are still unaware of how to dispose of toner correctly. Instead of selling the empty printer cartridges or toner cartridges, other ways of disposing of toner are chosen, for example:

  • Due to their content of harmful or hazardous substances, the toner cartridges are disposed of as hazardous waste at landfill sites or hazardous waste collection stations.

The printer cartridges or toner cartridges themselves do not contain any harmful substances. The environmental institutes tested various toners and came to different results for individual manufacturers. The toner residues in the cartridges may contain pollutants that are harmful to the environment. Often, toner cartridges that are free of pollutants are disposed of with hazardous or household waste. In this case, however, they are not recycled. Empty printer cartridges or toner cartridges are a commodity that still have a value that can be paid out to the seller.

  • Similar to batteries, toner cartridges are disposed of in the empties boxes of supermarkets or technology stores.

For many consumers, it is very convenient to dispose of printer cartridges or toner cartridges in this way. But even with this disposal, the cartridges escape environmentally friendly recycling. Often, the cartridges handed in at supermarkets also simply end up "only" in the black residual waste bin.

  • Consumers return the empty cartridges to the manufacturers and believe that by returning the toner cartridges to the respective manufacturers, they are recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Many manufacturers do not refill emptied toner or printer cartridges. It is in their greatest interest to sell the new printer cartridges or toner cartridges they produce. Often the cartridges returned to the take-back systems provided by manufacturers or retailers are only recycled. In this way, valuable resources are lost again that could be "recovered" by recycling via reprocessing. Likewise, resources such as storage space and energy are used for the material recycling of the cartridges. Thus, valuable environmentally friendly resources are wasted in two ways. Nevertheless, returning the cartridges to the original manufacturer remains a sensible alternative if remanufacturing is not technically or economically possible.

Disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges - the consumer takes the first step in actively protecting the environment

In order to counteract this waste of valuable resources when disposing of toner, it is important to inform more and more consumers of the alternative option of disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges by selling them to GeldfuerMuell. Since remanufactured cartridges are of equivalent and often even higher quality and capacity than the original cartridges of the manufacturers, the use of recycled or remanufactured cartridges is recommended by the Federal Environment Agency. It is primarily the consumer who decides how to dispose of toners. Only if the consumer takes the first step in disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges and returns the empty cartridges to the recycling system can active environmental protection be effectively implemented.

How you can dispose of your toner via geldfuermuell.de

Disposing of toner cartridges or printer cartridges is possible via the online platform geldfuermuell.de simply by sending in the empty cartridges. If the cartridges meet Geldfuermuell GmbH's purchase criteria, you as a consumer can benefit from this and receive money for your sale. In order not to send in every single cartridge, it may make sense to collect the corresponding cartridges when disposing of toner cartridges. The collection of printer cartridges or toner cartridges is supported by geldfuermuell.de with the issue of a free parcel stamp (within Germany). If you collect 30 euros or more, geldfuermuell.de will ship a parcel stamp free of charge. For larger quantities, collection is also possible. Cartridges or original cartridges that do not meet the purchase conditions can also be sent in with the cartridges or cartridges purchased by geldfuermuell.de when disposing of toner. Although these cannot be recycled or remunerated, they will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner by Geldfuermuell GmbH.

You can dispose of toner cartridges in three simple steps at geldfuermuell.de

Geldfuermuell GmbH buys printer cartridges and toner cartridges from over 18 700 printer models. Many different printer models from different manufacturers use similar or identical printing units. For this reason, printer cartridges or toner cartridges can often be used in different devices. For geldfuermuell.de it is irrelevant from which manufacturer's device the cartridge or toner cartridge originates. The respective printer cartridge or toner cartridge must meet Geldfuermuell GmbH's purchase criteria. In order to be able to determine whether the cartridges or toner cartridges used meet the purchase conditions, an input mask on the geldfuermuell.de online platform can be used to find out whether the respective cartridges or toner cartridges can be purchased. Only a few details are required, such as the name of the printer and the article number of the printer cartridge or toner cartridge. This input field can also be used to determine the purchase price. The pieces to be sold when disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges determined in this way can then simply be entered into the Sales trolley option on the geldfuermuell.de internet platform. The total purchase value is calculated and it is also determined whether the determined value is sufficient for free shipping. To avoid any risk of confusion, an individual shipping ticket can be created and printed out on the Internet platform under the menu item shipping ticket. This can then be enclosed with the shipment to geldfuermuell.de. The next step is to pack the cartridges in a package. It is important to pack the cartridges very well and protect them. Only undamaged and flawless cartridges can be purchased from Geldfuermuell GmbH. The cartridges to be sold should be checked before sending them off to make sure that they do not have any broken parts or any breakages. Often cartridges are damaged during transport. Damage can be avoided in firm and stable packaging, such as a strong cardboard box, bubble wrap or other filler material. The final step in disposing of printer cartridges is then shipping the cartridges to Geldfuermuell GmbH.

Dispose of toner in an environmentally friendly way according to the geldfuermuell.de purchasing criteria

As already described, one of the most important purchasing criteria when disposing of toner cartridges or printer cartridges is that the purchased goods arrive at geldfuermuell.de in perfect, undamaged condition. Accordingly, new cartridges should be carefully inserted into the printers and removed again after use. It can happen that smaller plastic parts on the cartridges break off if they are handled too roughly. Cartridges that are stuck or otherwise show traces of attempted repairs then unfortunately no longer meet the purchase criteria and valuable resources are lost when disposing of toner. The purchase prices for toner cartridges and printer cartridges depend on the respective articles and vary. Remuneration of up to 20 euros per item is possible. In addition to the input mask with search function for the respective model, further information and lists on the purchase prices can be found on the online platform of geldfuermuell.de. This makes it easy to find out the value of the used cartridges. When disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges, not only new and once-used cartridges can be purchased. Many ink cartridges that have already been recycled are also purchased by geldfuermuell.de and recycled again during disposal.

Disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges - here's how to proceed after shipping

The processing time for each goods receipt is displayed on the geldfuermuell.de homepage. This makes it easy to see which incoming goods are currently being processed by geldfuermuell.de and for which periods. The billing period is calculated from this. The processing time for the settlement does not take longer than 7 working days. As a rule, depending on when customers dispose of the toner, the processing time is much shorter and the settlement can take place in just 3 days, for example. The remuneration for disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges via geldfuermuell.de is then made either by bank transfer or by issuing a cheque. For commercial customers or institutions that usually have a particularly high consumption of ink and toner, it can be especially important that a disposal certificate or proof of whereabouts is issued with the credit note for the sold empty ink cartridges and toner cartridges in accordance with the Recycling Management Act.

Do something good with toner disposal - environmental protection and empties donation for social projects

If you dispose of your printer cartridges or toner cartridges using the internet platform geldfuermuell.de, you can receive remuneration for the used printer cartridges. You can also get involved in social projects by making a so-called empty cartridge donation. Geldfuermuell GmbH has been supporting children's aid for years with donations of empties. Customers can decide for themselves whether they want the money for the empty printer cartridges or toner cartridges to be paid to them or whether they want to donate the money to McDonalds Kinderhilfe, for example. In this way, disposing of the toner and having the cartridges recycled not only actively protects the environment, but also does something good for the families and children at the Ronald McDonald House in Erlangen. The Ronald McDonald House in Erlangen enables families to live in the immediate vicinity of their seriously ill children. Since 2006, part of the running costs of the Ronald McDonald House have been covered by the money donated from the donations of empties via Geldfuermuell GmbH.

Actively disposing of toner in an environmentally friendly and legally compliant manner - a worthwhile start for living environmental protection and sustainability

The production of a single toner cartridge requires approximately 2 to 3 litres of crude oil and this is only a small part of the resources used in production. To appreciate the importance of disposing of toner cartridges and printer cartridges in an environmentally sound and legally compliant manner by recycling them, consumers should simply bear in mind that a good 85% of empty cartridges produced in Germany end up in the rubbish. With the Geldfuermuell GmbH collection and recycling system, this company alone has ensured that every year over 500 tonnes of so-called office waste can be returned to the value cycle and not lost. Disposing of toner in the right way means disposing of all undamaged toner cartridges and printer cartridges in environmentally friendly recycling processes. No more and no less should be the across-the-board objective of all those involved in this value process, from private consumers to tradespeople, open-plan offices to international corporations. Environmental protection and sustainability start with the knowledge of alternative disposal options and their implementation in a first step: dispose of printer cartridges or toner cartridges via geldfuermuell.de.

Contact form or telephone support at geldfuermuell.de for questions and problems on the subject of toner disposal

Geldfuermuell GmbH is a DEKRA-certified waste management company and a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact. Geldfuermuell GmbH thus stands for consistent implementation of environmental protection. This claim is also reflected in the transparent information and education provided to consumers. For questions and answers on the smooth handling of disposing of printer cartridges or toner cartridges, or if you would like to make use of the other services offered by Geldfuermuell GmbH, there are various ways to contact us. If the question cannot already be answered by the examples listed in the FAQ, it is possible to contact Geldfuermuell GmbH in a contact form to send the question or problem in writing to geldfuermuell.de via the Internet. Furthermore, the professionally trained employees provide friendly support when contacted by telephone, for example with questions on the topic of environmentally friendly and legally compliant "toner disposal".