Toner recycling is a return on investment for the environment and your wallet!

Toner recycling - worthwhile in every respect:

Modern toner recycling reconciles environmentally conscious and economic action. Which of the two motivating factors takes priority is difficult to decide. It depends on one's point of view, whether the protection of the environment ostensibly influences all decisions, or whether the wallet rules. The fact is: it is perfectly legal to keep an eye on one's own economic situation in addition to acting in an environmentally conscious manner. But let us first turn our attention to environmental protection, which is undoubtedly a high motivation in toner recycling.

Toner recycling is an important measure to protect the environment

Toner recycling is an important measure to protect the environment

With the general worldwide development, the concern for the environment is justified with an increasing tendency: Millions of toner cartridges still disappear in the rubbish nationwide every year! This means that valuable raw materials are irretrievably lost, which could be sensibly recycled and thus preserved within the framework of toner cartridge recycling. We think: This is a scandal! We are not alone in this opinion, because more and more consumers are sending us their empty toners so that we can recycle or dispose of them properly. You too can help to preserve valuable raw materials and send us your empty printer cartridges, used inks and toners for recycling.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

Toner recycling via Geldfuermuell puts money in your till

Our customers are not only acting in the spirit of environmentally friendly toner recycling. At the same time, they are also protecting their economic interests, because we can pay an appropriate remuneration for most of the empty toner cartridges sent in. You can find out how high this remuneration can be and which inks and toner cartridges can be purchased by Geldfuermuell here.

What happens to cartridges and cartridges that cannot be used for toner recycling?

If you cannot find your toner type on our purchase price lists for old toners, this means that unfortunately we cannot buy this type. The reason for this is the design of the toner cartridges in question, which therefore cannot be refilled. They are therefore not suitable for toner recycling. However, it can also be a neutral cartridge that is considered to be a replica of an original manufacturer's brand. Such toners are also not suitable for recycling. We recommend that you dispose of such non-recyclable models via your supplier or the local recycling centre.

Conclusion: Toner recycling, with its modern methods, offers an appropriate response to both ecological and economic challenges.

Why toner recycling is so important for the environment:

If you are now wondering why toner recycling even of individual cartridges is so important, you will find the answers in the following information. This information is intended to help you understand the importance of properly disposing of even single empty toners. The production of a single toner cartridge consumes up to 3 litres of crude oil. This valuable raw material is irretrievably taken from the natural resources of our planet. Yet we have known for a long time that resources are not infinite. Imagine how many toner cartridges, printer cartridges or cartridges for fax machines are used in your personal and professional environment per year. It's not just about a single cartridge that could supposedly be easily disposed of in the trash. Rather, it is about all the empty printer cartridges that once used valuable crude oil to make them. It is in the interest of all of us to use our planet's limited oil resources sensibly and, above all, sparingly. Toner recycling is one of many ways to conserve crude oil supplies. This approach supports our environment! Join us and make an active contribution to environmental protection. As a certified specialist disposal company, we offer you the chance to behave responsibly and consider toner recycling as an alternative-free method for handling your empty printer cartridges.

We see toner recycling as a duty to the environment

We see toner recycling as a duty to the environment

Toner recycling must start where toner "waste" occurs: in the office, business and household. In addition to using toner as sparingly as possible through reduced printing, separating toner from other waste is not only an economic must for consumers, but a duty to the environment. Before each printout, consider whether it is really indispensable and print only what is necessary. This will not only save you toner, but also paper.

Once the toner cartridge is empty, it is time to decide what to do with it. Disposing of it in the rubbish is out of the question, but professional toner recycling is. The recycling industry ensures that toner cartridges are recycled as completely as possible. We make it easy for you to participate in the preservation of valuable raw materials and - if possible - to receive money for your empty cartridges at the same time.

Toner recycling ensures sustainable environmental protection

Geldfuermuell has dedicated itself to the topic of toner recycling in order to make a sustainable contribution to environmental protection under the keyword Urban Mining. This refers to the recovery of raw materials from waste and their return to the value cycle. Both the processes for the production of printer cartridges and for toner recycling are increasingly being adapted to this principle for ecological and economic reasons. However, the success of these measures depends primarily on how actively consumers participate in the recycling of toner and other printer materials. Join in and help the environment by actively recycling toner! Leave your empty products to the experts for sustainable recycling - namely us, geldfuermuell GmbH!

geldfuermuell GmbH guarantees modern, sustainable and, above all, transparent processes for toner recycling. In order to provide consumers with complete proof that their empties have been recycled, we have optimised technical processes, methods and even the smallest steps in the handling of empties in such a way that the toner recycling possibilities are fully exploited.

Your active help with toner recycling is needed

One of the most important benchmarks for improving our recycling processes is you as the collector and supplier of the empty toner. We are constantly looking at your needs for optimal toner recycling. We make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your used toners without any great effort:

  • We will reimburse you for undamaged and recyclable toner cartridges
  • We transport your empty toners within Germany from a purchase value of 30€
  • We provide you with a free collection box for your office in Germany

Make an active contribution to environmental protection and send us your recyclable cartridges