Dispose of toner and prevent mountains of waste: The environment says thank you!

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Hand on heart: When it comes to disposing of toner, do you take the supposedly easiest method and throw your empty cartridges in the bin? Then the following information may be of interest to you:

Nearly 90% of printer waste is thrown away! Empty cartridges are thrown away with household or office waste because disposing of toner in this way is quick and easy. However, empty printer and toner cartridges are environmentally harmful "waste" that needs to be disposed of in a qualified and supervised manner. Even small amounts of toner and minor toner residues can cause irreparable damage to the natural habitat of humans and animals. Carelessly discarded toner may be disposed of for the moment, but anyone who thinks outside the box quickly realises that toner waste is literally not out of the world - certainly not out of the environment.

If you want to change your behaviour in the future and dispose of your empty toners sensibly, we have some valuable tips for you below:

Anyone who has to dispose of empty toners is holding something valuable in their hands.

Anyone who has to dispose of empty toners is holding something valuable in their hands. After all, the empty cartridge consists of raw materials that are irretrievably lost in the event of waste disposal. The containers, if undamaged, could be almost completely reused! This is true for most modules of commercially available original products. The raw materials they contain can be recycled by the consumer without causing any major inconvenience. The advantage: no new production is required to obtain a new cartridge, i.e. resources that have become scarce worldwide are conserved. Disposing of toner in a sensible way protects the environment! So the goal must not be the thoughtless disposal of toner and ink, but the supply of these valuable raw materials to the recycling industry.

Dispose of toner with the help of intelligent processes

Wer leere Toner entsorgen muss, hält etwas Wertvolles in den Händen.

When you hear the term "dispose of toner", you first think of the obvious, namely the rubbish bin. But there is another way! Disposal can also mean recycling. Disposing of toner and getting rid of toner - these terms do not necessarily have to be identical in content. Geldfuermuell gives you, the consumer, the opportunity to rethink and to recycle empty cartridges without much effort. Become a helper of the environment and send us your empty toners, we will take care of an environmentally friendly recycling. And so that the slightly greater effort compared to waste disposal is also worthwhile for you, we pay remuneration for your empties - at least in the vast majority of cases.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

Disposing of toner considered a process

Let's look at the process of disposing of toner as a process that begins when you first buy a new product. After the purchase, you hold a printer cartridge in your hands, the production of which required several litres of crude oil to be extracted from valuable resources. You use the toner until it is empty and as a consumer you are now at the beginning of the disposal chain. It depends entirely on your behaviour whether the empty toner cartridge disappears in the waste and is transported to the incinerator, or whether the raw materials in the empty cartridge can be preserved for the world. If you decide to send the empty toner to a recycling company, you are triggering the beginning of the process of reuse with your responsible actions. So that you don't have to send every single empty cartridge - and by the way, so that this way of disposing of toner is also financially worthwhile for you - collect in your private and professional environment. Then send your toner return to us, so that after your first step we can do the second and continue the process. We sort your shipment and thoroughly check which cartridges can be refilled. We then recycle these, and after refilling, the now full toners are returned to the cycle.

Dispose of toner - as a consumer, kick-start the recycling chain:

Generate "toner waste" - Collect "toner waste" - Transport toner empties - Sort toner - Refill toner - Return toner to the value cycle

Unfortunately, there are still situations in which there is nothing left to do but actually dispose of empty toners via the rubbish (meaning the recycling centre, of course). But we can help in these cases too. But first to the question: Why can't all empty ink cartridges be recycled? Not recyclable are for example:

  • Defective ink cartridges, printer cartridges, toner cartridges
  • Toner from exotic manufacturers that are rarely in demand
  • Toner that cannot be refilled due to the technical design

You can find out which products we can buy here!

Please remember to pack your empties carefully. We give you this advice for a good reason. Even if you want to dispose of toners that you have found on our purchase list, we cannot pay remuneration if they arrive damaged. Read our Instructions for safe packaging - then nothing can go wrong.

Dispose of toner and benefit financially

Dispose of toner and benefit financially

Disposing of toner pays off - provided you avoid the bin as a quick fix in future and send your empties to Geldfuermuell in future. If you think for just a moment before going to the wastepaper bin or rubbish bin and act accordingly, you can not only reduce the global mountain of rubbish. Your own wallet will also benefit, because collecting and disposing of toner in an environmentally friendly, i.e. safe, manner brings money into the till. We pay a worthwhile remuneration for toner and recyclable printer materials. If you entrust us as a certified specialist company with the correct disposal of ink and toner, you will receive the equivalent value of the empty material. In addition, you will receive proof of the whereabouts of the toner or the correct disposal of the "hazardous waste".

Dispose of toner - take part in our remuneration system

geldfuermuell GmbH has been a pioneer in improving disposal and recycling methods for many years. We also make the purchase, collection and transport of empty toners as attractive as possible for you. With our sophisticated logistical system, we can offer purchase prices for toner disposal that make collecting the empty toner really worthwhile. We make it as easy as possible for you to participate in our recycling and remuneration system.

Help us and dispose of toners and inks in an environmentally friendly way - via the certified collection system of geldfuermuell GmbH.