You are looking for an alternative to disposing of ink cartridges and don't know us yet?

This is what you should know:

May we introduce ourselves? Allow us, geldfuermuell - your expert for ink cartridge disposal against remuneration: We are your ink cartridge recycling instead of disposal service.

Geld für Müll is the alternative to the rubbish bin - a collection system that allows you to dispose of empty cartridges printer and ink cartridges in such a way that all usable materials can be reused. Best of all, if the module is one of our buyable models, you even receive remuneration for it!

How can you dispose of your empty ink cartridges and get money for it?

Simply select your type of ink cartridge from the list, send it in, have it recycled by the Geld für Müll team and receive the remuneration. It pays to collect! You can dispose of all common recyclable ink cartridges this way.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

What makes geldfuermuell different when disposing of ink cartridges?

With over 40,000 suppliers of empty ink cartridges from all over Europe, geldfuermuell GmbH is one of the largest companies in the recycling industry in the field of used ink and toner. You too can benefit from the collection system of an experienced recycler: instead of disposing of your ink cartridges in the rubbish, you make the raw materials* they contain available to the environment - thus making an important contribution to the sustainable use of raw materials.

Everyone benefits from the geldfuermuell collection system: you, us and the environment. Environmental protection begins when everyone pulls together. So that you don't dispose of your ink cartridges in the bin without thinking, we stick a price tag on ink cartridges on principle, on which the value of the used cartridge can be read in black and white.

In plain language: If you dispose of your empty ink cartridges through us in future, we will pay you exactly the current market value - that's how we understand fair trade. Will you become our trading partner?

Send in ink cartridges instead of disposing of them

Disposing of recyclable ink cartridges - throwing them away without a second thought - is an unnecessary waste of dwindling resources. Instead, send us your used ink cartridges and we will ensure that valuable raw materials are reintroduced into the commodity cycle instead of being irretrievably destroyed. Each and every recyclable ink cartridge you send us is an active and valuable contribution to stopping the overexploitation of nature. By the way: So far, more than 40,000 active environmentalists have sent us their ink cartridges. What about you?

* What material is lost when you dispose of a single-use, original HP ink cartridge (in grams):
- Steel 388
- Aluminium 77
- Copper 0,55
- Polyurethane 20
- Nylon 28
- Polystyrene 455
- PVC 6
- Corrugated cardboard 483
- Soft polyethylene 26
- Paper 25

The lucrative alternative:
Disposing of ink cartridges at geldfuermuell

You have probably also often been annoyed that you had to dispose of an empty ink cartridge after only a short period of use. The capacity of printer cartridges is on average 400 to 600 pages, depending on the paper quality. With average private or business use, this number of pages is quickly reached and disposal is the order of the day. Yet ink cartridges are technical masterpieces that are far too good to throw away after printing once. The most common ink cartridges can be refilled. Leave the reuse of empty cartridges to us and send us your used cartridges. You save on disposal, avoid waste and even receive remuneration for the cartridges on our purchase price lists!

When disposing of ink cartridges via geldfuermuell, please pay attention to the packaging!

Take a look at our Purchase lists for empty printer cartridges. You dispose of the ink cartridges listed there by selling them to geldfuermuell for recycling. But what happens to ink tanks or printer cartridges that are not listed? Do you have to dispose of these ink cartridges - just throw them in the rubbish as before? For some ink cartridges, this is indeed the only way to dispose of them. This is due to technical feasibility but also to the demand for remanufactured ink cartridges. Ink tanks, i.e. cartridges without an integrated print head, are usually not refilled but remanufactured patent-free. It is best to dispose of such empty ink cartridges directly in the non-recyclable waste. Alternatively, you can take the empty ink tanks to your local recycling centre or return them to your supplier.

When disposing of ink cartridges via geldfuermuell, please pay attention to the packaging!

Please pack purchased ink cartridges securely for transport. The cartridges should be refilled; this is only possible with cartridges that arrive undamaged. You cannot return a broken deposit bottle. The same applies to printer cartridges: We only dispose of undamaged ink cartridges against remuneration, defective cartridges or cartridges damaged in transit are no longer suitable for our purchase! Even if we dispose of ink cartridges that are unsuitable for reuse free of charge: please avoid disappointment and pack your cartridges safely for transport. Please follow our instructions!

For further information, please refer to our conditions of purchase or the FAQ. Of course, we are also personally available to answer your questions. You can find the respective contact person on the page Contact.