Empty printer cartridges are high-quality raw materials for refilling!

Please do not throw away:

First, check whether your empty printer cartridges are suitable for recycling. Empty printer cartridges are found in every household with a PC connected to a printer, a fax machine or a photocopier. This is even more true for offices, public institutions, small and large companies. Unfortunately, only about 40% of them are currently recycled when the printer cartridges are empty and used up. Instead, they end up in household waste. In this way, many tonnes of valuable raw materials are lost every year. Yet in most cases, empty printer cartridges are far from being obsolete. If the technical requirements are met, they can be refilled and used again. To do this, however, they would have to be made available to a recycling company instead of being thrown into the rubbish. Geldfuermuell is such a recycling company! We even support reuse with remuneration for empty printer cartridges and cartridges wherever possible.

Environmental practitioners send us empty printer cartridges - join in!

We want to make you an environmental practitioner too, if you don't already know about our service to buy empty printer cartridges and encourage you to participate in our collection system with fair purchase prices - and with offers that boost the global environmental and resource account. We show and explain how this works here.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

Every empty printer cartridge sent in is a contribution to the protection of resources

Every empty printer cartridge sent in is a contribution to the protection of resources

Empty printer cartridges should never be thrown away. Every single empty original cartridge from printers, fax machines and other end devices in which toner or ink is used contains valuable raw materials that must be preserved. In the main, printer cartridges consist of crude oil, which is used in non-negligible quantities in their manufacture. Several litres of crude oil are the basis for the production of a single printer cartridge! If it is simply thrown away carelessly after use when empty, crude oil must be used again to produce a replacement cartridge. Everyone knows that oil supplies are slowly running out. This realisation alone is reason enough to think about the sensible handling of empties. Empty printer cartridges can be recycled by simply changing the current practice. This protects resources, makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection and, by the way, you also receive remuneration for the most common empty printer cartridges. Have we convinced you in theory? Then put your conviction into practice. We are at your side with our offer, because we are very happy to support people who are committed to the preservation of our natural raw material resources.

This is what we offer for your empty printer cartridges:

  • A fair remuneration based on the market value for your recyclables.
  • Aid projects that you can finance with your empty printer cartridges.
  • Simple and effective collection solutions for households and for large corporations - for every location where empty printer cartridges and other recyclables accumulate.
  • Short routes for the safe dispatch of your empty printer cartridges.

This is how we use your empty printer cartridges to help safeguard resources and protect the climate:

  • With well thought-out solutions for the recycling of empty printer cartridges and a continuous further development of recycling technologies and routes.
  • With our local and global commitment to a people-oriented economy and working world. For example, through our support of the project Shuuz - We collect shoes.
  • With a good climate in your own company
  • With transparency and reliability.

Our disposal company for empty printer cartridges sets a good example

Our disposal company for empty printer cartridges sets a good example

We are environmental practitioners and act in the interests of the environment in everything we do operationally with the utmost conviction. In order to be able to optimise our services around empty printer cartridges, we are always interested in further developing our internal processes. This includes a critical look at processes and a curious look at what new environmental technology has to offer. Which of these can we implement in our company, what can we change, how can we create a pleasant climate for our employees. We also rethink our behaviour internally on a small scale, using processes and everyday case studies. It is precisely the questioning of everyday behaviour patterns that often leads us to new and ever-improving solutions. It is not for nothing that we have become one of the largest companies for the disposal and recycling of empty printer cartridges and we would very much like to remain that way in our own interest, in the interest of our customers and in the interest of the environment.

As a consumer, give us the chance to recycle empty printer cartridges

When empty printer cartridges are sold refilled, they are in no way inferior to a new production. Recycled cartridges for printers & Co. deliver the same performance as their counterparts from a first production. There is no reason not to refill and reuse empty printer cartridges. Reuse, recovery and recycling - these are probably the most important principles in modern materials management. However, this principle cannot be implemented without the support of consumers. Users must take the first step by not throwing away empty printer cartridges. Send your empties to us, to Geldfuermuell - your partner for recycling empty printer cartridges. By doing so, you give us the chance to turn the used cartridges into fully usable printer cartridges again.

We make sure that empty printer cartridges can still be used

We make sure that empty printer cartridges can still be used

More and more consumers are collecting empty printer cartridges and leaving them with us for recycling. We check the cartridges sent in for integrity and if it is technically possible, they are refilled after any necessary refurbishment. In this way, they are returned to the value cycle as fully functional and usable printer cartridges. The raw materials once used are thus preserved instead of being destroyed!

These are the benefits for you as a consumer when you collect empty printer cartridges

The collection and sending in of empty printer cartridges should also bring financial benefits for you. So that the idea of recycling instead of throwing away can become a reason to rethink and act quickly, we flush money earned by participants in our collection system into their coffers.

Will my HP toner models also be purchased or remunerated?

We pay a remuneration for empty printer cartridges that can be reused. You can see the amount of this remuneration from our purchase lists. First determine the manufacturer type of your empty cartridge and then use our lists to find the purchase value. If you do not find your type on the lists, this means that we are unfortunately unable to purchase this cartridge.

What type of empty printer cartridge do you have to offer? Use our handy search function at the top of the page!