Sell empty printer cartridges instead of throwing them away!

The worthwhile idea:

If you want to sell empty printer cartridges, you have come to the right place. The company Geld für Müll has stood for an excellent recycling service for many years. We take care of the optimal recycling of your returned empty printer cartridges and in this way support the environment together with you. But our customers also benefit. You can receive attractive remunerations for your empties. For particularly sought-after manufacturers' models, remuneration of up to €20 can be expected. Get back a part of the investment costs for the printer and, above all, a part of your printing costs and sell us your empty printer cartridges.

Do you have empty printer cartridges? Sell us your empties!

Do you have empty printer cartridges? Sell us your empties!

For trading in empty printer cartridges, demand determines supply: the more sought-after a particular cartridge is, the higher its market value. Your remuneration will be correspondingly high if you sell us such an empty printer cartridge. Make money out of your empties, it is already worthwhile selling just one empty cartridge. But the more you collect, the higher your earnings. You can sell us single or multiple empty printer cartridges.

More information? How the purchase of old printer cartridges works with us...

Our price lists for empty printer cartridges - it pays to sell!

Our price lists for empty printer cartridges - it pays to sell!

You can find out how much you can get from Geldfuermuell when you sell us empty printer cartridges from our price lists. The handling of the lists is completely uncomplicated. Find out about the purchase prices of empty cartridges and cartridges and get an overview of the possible proceeds that you can achieve for your used cartridges in an uncomplicated way. We keep our lists constantly up to date. More precisely, we update them at least once a month. We react to market fluctuations by regularly adjusting our purchase prices, thus ensuring full transparency and security.

Top seller or individual customer - anyone can sell empty printer cartridges to us

Just offer us any empty printer cartridge you want to sell. Even selling a single cartridge instead of just disposing of it makes sense. We deal with customers of all sizes. Private individuals sell to us just as much as large companies. Small consignments with just a few empty cartridges or entire pallets full of used cartridges - we receive a wide variety of consignments every day.

We have already paid more than 20 million euros to our customers who had empty printer cartridges to sell

Anyone who has empty printer cartridges to sell is welcome to us as a certified waste disposal company. We have been able to pay out more than 20 million euros in total directly to our customers in recent years! Do you also want to profit from this? Send us your empty printer cartridges and sell us your empties - we will also pay you a lucrative remuneration! Every consumer is welcome. Join our customer base, we offer a comprehensive service and make it as easy as possible for you if you don't want to simply throw used toner, ink, printer or fax cartridges in the rubbish. There is a better and much more sensible use for the empty cartridges. For the sake of the environment!

Collect and sell empty printer cartridges!

Our service is aimed at anyone who produces printer waste from time to time or even on a fairly regular basis. In trade, in offices, at insurance companies and banks, in car dealerships ... the list of possible commercial areas in which a printer, a copier and/or a fax machine is used could be almost endless. Surely you can spontaneously name a few companies or small commercial offices that have at least one printer. Perhaps the company you work for is also among them. Have you ever thought of collecting empty printer cartridges to sell them? Just ask around in your environment. Maybe they are even happy to have finally found an uncomplicated way of disposing of empty printer cartridges without simply throwing them away with a guilty conscience. For you as a collector, there is a positive side effect, because you receive remuneration as a lucrative additional income.

Become a top seller for empty printer cartridges

Attention top sellers: Those who want to sell empty printer cartridges not just once but regularly, or those who want to make their package fuller, can achieve double- or triple-digit sales revenues with a few tricks.

Are you in? Collect and send us full packages - we'll reward you with remuneration that's well worth it.

In the private sector, too, there is more than one point of consumption of inks and toners - bet there are several printers in your immediate vicinity, too? Ask in your neighbourhood, at friends and family, at colleagues, at your children's friends and of course your own printer is also equipped with a toner. As a top seller, you will receive special conditions and benefits from us:

  • From a certain minimum value, we will contribute to the transport costs
  • We will collect larger quantities from you free of charge by forwarding agent/parcel service

Sell empty printer cartridges and do good with them

You decide what happens to the money we pay you for used printer cartridges. Maybe your family will be happy about a little extra that you finance with the proceeds from the sale, or maybe you will give yourself a treat. Or perhaps you would like to do the same for many other Geldfuermuell customers and make an empty cartridge donation. We support a social project in cooperation with McDonalds Kinderhilfe. If you want to take part, just send us a short message and we will donate the amount from the sale of your empty printer cartridges to the family centre in Erlangen. For your empty printer cartridge donation you will of course receive a donation receipt. We will also provide you with proof of the disposal of your empties.

Selling empty printer cartridges - The biggest winner is environmental protection

The environment benefits in any case if you sell us your empty printer cartridges instead of simply throwing them in the rubbish - even more so if you are active as a collector and send us as many empty cartridges as possible for professional disposal or recycling. Together, we can succeed in reducing the incredible amount of 90%. This figure refers to the amount of empty cartridges in circulation that are not recycled but simply thrown away. Help the environment and support a certified waste management company like Geld für Müll GmbH in its efforts to preserve the recyclable materials in printer cartridges.