Disposal of toner cartridges - Where to put the "office waste"?

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Most private households have a PC with an attached printer. Disposing of toner cartridges often becomes a problem, even though it really shouldn't be one. It is completely uncomplicated to dispose of empty cartridges and earn money with them. Sell us your empty cartridges and you are rid of your office waste problem.

Disposal of toner waste generated in private households

Private printers are often used to print out forms. Tax returns, applications to the authorities, notices for the bank or even an online ticket that has just been purchased - although many processes can be carried out online today, there is often enough reason to have something available in paper form. Many consumers also like to print out photos that they have transferred from their digicam to their PC. A printer is therefore almost the standard device to complement a PC or tablet. If there are schoolchildren or students in the family, the disposal of toner cartridges becomes an issue again and again. And last but not least, people in private homes are increasingly working in their home offices. Here, too, printing, faxing and copying are done and printer waste such as toner regularly accumulates for disposal.

Disposal of toner waste generated in the commercial sector

Of course, our offer is not only aimed at private individuals. Companies, freelancers and institutions can also entrust us with the disposal of toner waste through purchase. Our customers include medical practices, tax accountants' offices, lawyers, freelance journalists, but also small, medium-sized and large companies are happy to sell us their printer waste. An additional source of income is not only welcome on private accounts. Commercial customers also understandably appreciate being able to recoup part of their material costs by disposing of toner cartridges in a sensible way.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

Clever disposal of toner cartridges

Clever disposal of toner cartridges

Where there is a lot of printing, there is also a lot of toner waste that needs to be disposed of. Once the cartridge or cassette is empty, it must be replaced so that operations can continue. Buying toner material is expensive. Yet the actual toner is still inexpensive compared to the material from which the cartridge is made. The toner itself is used up, the cartridge remains. Logically, new toner can only be bought together with a new cartridge. Where to put the used toner cartridge now? Companies that act cleverly when disposing of toner cartridges can reduce the purchase costs for new printer inks by a good deal.

Refinancing made easy through sensible disposal of toner cartridges

Private individuals and commercial businesses - anyone who has a printer to manage has to reckon with costs, and that doesn't just mean the purchase costs. Today, a printer does not cost much. Compared to the long useful life and taking into account the tax depreciation options, the printer acquisition costs are acceptable. However, regular follow-up costs are incurred through the operation of the device. These include energy costs, the cost of paper and printer cartridges. By disposing of toner waste in a sensible way, some of these costs can easily be recovered. Sell us your empty toner cartridges - we pay attractive prices!

What are the benefits of disposing of toner waste via geldfuermuell GmbH?

What are the benefits of disposing of toner waste via geldfuermuell GmbH?

This question in connection with the disposal of toner waste is best answered by taking a look at our purchase lists for old toners and empty printer cartridges. We pay the applicable market value for recyclable printer cartridges. This varies depending on the model. These differences are explained by the demand on the market. Special brand cartridges are in particularly high demand and sold in the trade. In these cases, refilling is particularly worthwhile and this is also reflected in a high purchase price. Others, on the other hand, are not in such high demand. For single toner cartridges we can offer a purchase price of 20 Euros! So disposing of toner waste through us is particularly worthwhile, isn't it?

Become a collector and top seller in the disposal of toner cartridges

Collectors benefit even more! Every single original toner cartridge that is disposed of through us instead of being thrown away is worthwhile! But it is even more worthwhile to help others with the sensible disposal of toner waste and to collect empties. Ask your company, your club, your children's school, your university or your neighbours - you can sell us all the toner cartridges you can collect and which meet our purchase conditions. Many of our customers are top sellers, maybe you will soon be one of them? Your commitment will be rewarded, because above a certain purchase value you can order a free collection.

Disposing of toner waste - here's how:

Collect - Determine purchase price - Create delivery note - Fill out collection order - Pack - Ship - Collect money

These are the individual stages between the moment when the problem of disposing of toner waste arises and the moment when you have your money as a credit in your account.

Collection: We will provide you (within Germany) with collection boxes, empties boxes or pallet boxes free of charge on request. It goes without saying, but we mention it anyway: these boxes and cartons are exclusively for collecting printer waste empties and remain the property of geldfuermuell GmbH.

Determine purchase price: Use our Price lists for purchasing toner cartridges and ink cartridges. You search for the respective item using the item numbers and place it virtually in the sales trolley. The total purchase value is displayed there and the question is answered as to whether your return can be made postage-free.

Create delivery note: We need the information on the shipping ticket to be able to allocate your shipment. Please enter your personal details and the number of packages or pallets.

Fill out collection request: Above a certain purchase value, you can have your pallets collected free of charge by a commissioned transport service. Please fill in the Collection order.

Packing: Transport-safe packaging is important. We can only purchase cartridges that arrive undamaged. Please note our recommendations and instructions on the subject of packing correctly.

Shipping: You can either take your shipment to the post office yourself or have it collected. See no. 4.

Collecting money: Within 7 working days we will have completed our tasks and you will have your money in your account. On my GfM you can see your statement. You will also receive it by e-mail. Of course, you can also donate the proceeds of your collection to a social cause.

For further information, please refer to our conditions of purchase or the FAQ. Of course, we are also personally available to answer your questions. You can find the respective contact person on the page Contact.