No more waste disposal of printer cartridges!

The world's overriding principle is Reuse - Reduce - Recycle

A printer cartridge does not belong in the waste. The final disposal of printer cartridges only becomes necessary in the life cycle of a cartridge when material fatigue or damage leads to making waste disposal unavoidable.

Disposing of printer cartridges in the household waste is the worst of all solutions and should not be a viable option for all users of printers, fax machines and copiers. Although the thought of possible recycling comes to mind for most consumers at the moment of the necessary disposal of printer cartridges, an unbelievably large number of empty cartridges still end up in the rubbish every year. Across Europe, 40 million empty cartridges are thoughtlessly thrown away every year! Only 40% of used toner containers are given a chance to be recycled. It is high time that something changed here. The way of disposing of printer cartridges via the rubbish bin seems more convenient at first glance and is therefore unfortunately still taken far too often. But once you realise how important recycling is and, above all, how simple an alternative to disposing of printer cartridges can be, you will quickly forget the thought of household waste. Join in and participate in the preservation of valuable raw materials.

Alternatives for the disposal of printer cartridges

Alternatives for the disposal of printer cartridges

There are several alternatives to disposing of printer cartridges in household waste. The so-called Urban Mining implements the idea of "Reuse - Reduce - Recycle" of ink and toner cartridges with a sustainable effect on the environment. We as recyclers also feel strictly committed to the principle of Reuse - Avoid Waste - Recycle, because the reuse of printer cartridges is not possible without recycling the empty products. It is precisely this recycling that saves printer cartridges from disposal and instead returns them to the value cycle. Here you can read how you, as a consumer, can actively participate in the recycling of empty cartridges - so that the disposal of printer cartridges via the rubbish is no longer an issue for you in the future.

Sell old sorted* printer cartridges!

Sell old sorted printer cartridges!

* Sorted by manufacturer and model, Purchase according to our buying price list.


Dispose old unsorted* printer cartridges!

Dispose of old unsorted printer cartridges!

* Disposal of all Original Equipment Manufacturer modules, transport paid by sender.

We make it easy for you to avoid disposing of printer cartridges in the trash

Even if it seems so uncomplicated at first glance to simply throw away empty cartridges - we make it at least as simple and easy for you to act differently in the future when disposing of printer cartridges. Using our purchase lists you can not only see how high a remuneration for empty inks and toners can be, but also which printer cartridges can be purchased by us. Please note our tips on the correct packaging so that the empties reach us undamaged, because only then can we buy them. If you do not have a suitable box at hand, you can request one from us free of charge. Above a certain minimum value (measured against the possible remuneration), we will even provide you with a parcel stamp free of charge (within Germany). In this case, you can send us your used empty cartridges free of charge. Once we receive them, we will check them and a few days later you will have the money in your account. This is how easy the alternative to disposing of printer cartridges works!

In future, please do not dispose of printer cartridges as waste

Perhaps you have not yet fully considered the question of why you should no longer dispose of your empty cartridges from printers and other end devices in the waste, but instead send them to geldfuermuell. Therefore, we provide you here with a list in which you can read the pro-and-con arguments on this topic in summary form. Essentially, it's about raising awareness of the need to conserve resources. But it is not only the environment that suffers from the waste disposal of printer cartridges - your wallet will also thank you if you consider recycling instead of destroying them. So by being environmentally conscious, you can even create financial benefits for yourself. We can pay you a remuneration for most types of cartridges. You can find out how high this can be and for which ink cartridges we pay you money here.

10 good reasons against disposing of your printer cartridges:

  • Pro Recycling: According to EU waste management directives, prevention and recycling is preferable to disposal of waste.
  • Contra disposal: Disposing of printer cartridges in residual waste is illegal according to the Recycling Management Act.
  • Pro recycling: Only optimal recycling makes reuse possible.
  • Contra disposal: In case of disposal, the print cartridge is irrevocably lost for reuse - up to 20 times.
  • Pro recycling: Similar to the field of renewable energies, the destruction of products should only be at the extreme limit of their wear and tear; this also applies to the disposal of printer cartridges.
  • Contra disposal: The life cycle of a printer cartridge that is still reusable and thus disposed of prematurely has ended too soon.
  • Pro recycling: In the value scale of raw material recovery from urban waste, printer cartridges and cartridges rank at the top.
  • Contra disposal: Disposing of even the smallest quantities, or to be more precise, even a single printer cartridge, is to be classified as overexploitation of our planet's natural resource deposits.
  • Pro recycling: A high return on investment is generated even with a one-off, and especially of course with the long-term and company-wide, area-wide collection and recycling of cartridges. The money can be reinvested in the procurement of new office materials.
  • Contra disposal: Throwing away printer cartridges would mean throwing cash out the window. Geld für Müll pays you the current market value for the recyclable material Printer cartridge.

Have your printer cartridges recycled instead of disposed of. And to make it worthwhile not only for the environment but also for your wallet, we provide remuneration for the most common models. Use our practical search function at the top of every page!