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The option we offer to sell printer cartridges is the most economically and ecologically sensible solution for empty inks and toners. In contrast to the simple return of used cartridges in collection containers, which can sometimes be found in retail stores or at local recycling centres, the sale of printer cartridges offers real financial advantages. The ecological benefit is also preserved, because we ensure that your empty printer cartridges, ink cartridges and used fax machine cartridges are either recycled in a sensible manner or - if there is no other way - disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

The idea behind the empty printer cartridge sale: The empty cartridges are remanufactured by recyclers like Geldfuermuell GmbH into fully functional and as good as new printer cartridges. These are kept in circulation for as long as possible, provided that consumers participate in the recycling chain and actively support the idea of preserving valuable raw materials.

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Empty printer cartridges sale - your advantages from an economic and ecological point of view

Empty printer cartridges sale - your advantages from an economic and ecological point of view

Economic and ecological interests can rarely be reconciled. When it comes to selling empty printer cartridges, however, economic experts and environmentalists are in agreement! The possibility of selling empty cartridges from fax machines, copiers and printers offers a broad spectrum of private, national and global economic advantages. Those who believe that the actions of one individual, "only" because of a single empty printer cartridge, will have no effect, please be aware that the protection of the habitat for humans and animals must have top priority in everything we do. Everyone can do something for our environment and every action, no matter how small, has an impact - either positive or negative. Don't let it get to the point where your empty cartridge becomes an environmental hazard. Have your used printer cartridge purchased and recycled and you will have made a positive contribution to the environment with one and the same action - namely disposing of your empty ink cartridge.

Our printer cartridges purchase - your household budget will be happy

Our printer cartridges purchase - your household budget will be happy

The ecological advantages are now sufficiently explained. But also from an economic point of view, you have made a good decision by using our offer for the purchase of printer cartridges. It has long been clear to us that inkjet, toner, ink or laser cartridges and cartridges represent tangible values for ecology and economy, not least for private household budgets. Just give us a try and let us convince you, as we have done for many consumers before you. We buy your empty printer cartridges at the current market value. Up to 20 euros remuneration for a single empty cartridge is easily possible! Geldfuermuell is a certified waste disposal company that you can trust in all matters. We take care of the environmentally friendly disposal of the returned cartridges and pay fair prices for the empties. Join us, collect in your private and professional environment and improve your household budget in a simple way. With the extra income, you can give your family a surprise or treat yourself. See here, how high our printer cartridges purchase prices are.

Arguments that speak for our printer cartridge purchase

We have compiled a list of the ecological and economic advantages that you can achieve for yourself and for the environment by our purchasing of printer cartridges. We have a small ulterior motive behind this clear list of arguments. We want to help you in future discussions with your friends. When you talk about the issue with friends, family or at work, you can refer to our carefully researched facts. In this way, together we can reach even more people who may become supporters of the good cause.

Our printer cartridge purchase through recyclers like us, is a return of investment Economy: Original printer cartridges are much more expensive than printer paper or the device itself. The purchase of printer cartridges by recyclers like us is a return on investment that you can already take into account when buying a printer. The price of the device already includes the new cartridge as a "dud". You can recoup at least part of the hidden costs by taking advantage of our offer to buy printer cartridges.

Consumers who use the possibility of our printer cartridge purchase optimise the savings potential Ecology: Printers are "resource guzzlers" in many respects. During operation, energy and paper are consumed in addition to ink. However, numerous studies on printer life cycles show that the greatest CO2 saving potential for printers is not primarily in reducing its paper or energy consumption. "Green printers" are those that use recycled printer cartridges, as these consume on average 60% less natural resources (wood, oil, aluminium, iron, etc.) in production. Consumers who use the option of our printer cartridge purchase optimise the ecological savings potential of their device.

Empty printer cartridges are trade values for our purchase Economics: Empty printer cartridges are trading assets, not rubbish. Depending on supply and demand, the various types are subject to price fluctuations. Therefore, the current market prices are offered for empty printer cartridges.

For the environment, the result of our printer cartridge purchase means fewer emissions Ecology: The highest ecological value of printer cartridges lies in their reusability. In sophisticated processes, the inkjet, ink or toner cartridges are remanufactured into fully-fledged new products. For the environment, the result of our printer cartridge purchase means fewer emissions and less waste.

Offer recyclable materials such as printer cartridges for purchase! Economics: Recyclables such as printer cartridges, but also other recyclables that accumulate in the office, are traded at purchase prices that offer consumers a clear incentive to sell. The printer cartridges purchase price is calculated to ensure an attractive return for all market participants. The cartridges remain in circulation as long as the material allows - or until they are carelessly thrown into the rubbish and thus withdrawn from the market forever.

With our printer cartridge purchase we could achieve our goal together for the benefit of the environment Ecology: Of the 1.1 billion printer cartridges sold worldwide each year, more than 500 million end up in the garbage. The recycling industry is able to reduce the resulting waste mountain by up to 75%. Achieving this success rate is our declared goal! However, this can only be achieved if consumers actively participate and send their empties to a certified disposal company such as Geldfuermuell GmbH. With the purchase of printer cartridges, we could achieve our goal together - step by step, printer cartridge by printer cartridge - in the interest and for the benefit of the environment.

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