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Printing Unit:
Hewlett-Packard DJ 840C / 843C
Rot, Gelb, Blau
OEM reference number:
  • HP17
  • C6625AE
Color block:
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0.25 € geldfuermuell GmbH
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0.00 €

Tintenpatrone from:

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  • DeskJet 817 C
  • DeskJet 825 C
  • DeskJet 825 CVR
  • DeskJet 840 C
  • DeskJet 840 Series
  • DeskJet 841 C
  • DeskJet 842 C
  • DeskJet 843 C
  • DeskJet 845 C
  • DeskJet 845 CVR
  • Fax 1010

PLEASE NOTE! This ink cartridge is made by assembling several components. For an optimal service life, fins on the sides of the printer cartridges interlock in the same manner as a gearwheel. These fins do not usually affect the function of the cartridges but the appearance of a refill cartridge with broken-off fins does not fulfil most customers' requirements. So cartridges like this are not bought or are only bought at a lower price. You can find the criteria under Wing Cartridges.

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