Recycling Procedure of empty Cartridges

Recycling of empty printer cartridges is environmental protection

Making it pay to look after the environment.

Over 40 million inkjet cartridges and 4 million toner cartridges are thrown into the trash and taken to the dump or incinerator every year in Germany alone. This is a huge burden on the environment. Indeed, this situation is even more shocking when you consider that these valuable empty cartridges can be recycled without any loss in quality.

A complex procedure is needed to make sure that the quality of these recycled cartridges is just as good as the original. The cartridges are opened, parts such as the toner cleaner bar, gearwheels and drum are removed and the remaining toner extracted. These components are introduced into the raw-materials recycling process and used to manufacture new products. Only the remaining toner is classified as hazardous waste and must be incinerated.

All of the casing components of the empty cartridges can be used to create a recycled product. Once all residue has been cleaned off from the interior, the parts that have been removed are replaced. A great deal of importance given to using the right toner and a high-quality drum. This is the centerpiece of the toner cartridge and is essential for its quality. Once the module has been reassembled, its performance is tested. Once it has passed this decisive test, it is ready to be put back into use to the complete satisfaction of its user.

The toner and inkjet cartridges that we collect are made available to the recycling industry. So the next time your cartridge is empty, why not send it to us rather than throwing it away. And just to make it really worthwhile, we will also pay you for the most common toner and inkjet cartridges.

We are making it pay to look after the environment!