Details for Hewlett-Packard Tintenpatrone F6U65AE Alte Serie

ATTENTION: In this ink cartridge must be distinguished between the old series and the new series. The old-series ink cartridges are not compatible with all new printers. Therefore, these differ in the compensation value. The criteria can be found under Serial classification.

For Recycling Tintenpatrone made by Hewlett-Packard are usuable too
F6U65AE Alte Serie


Buying emtpy Hewlett-Packard F6U65AE Alte Serie Tintenpatrone for recycling

Buying empty Tintenpatrone Hewlett-Packard F6U65AE Alte Serie

Printing Unit:
Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet 3800 Serie
Rot, Gelb, Blau
OEM reference number:
  • F6U65AE
  • HP302
Color block:
Buying price original empties
2.00 € geldfuermuell GmbH
Buying price recycled empties:
0.80 €

PLEASE NOTE! A distinction must be made between the old and the new series of this ink cartridge. As the old series has not been made for several years and as the cartridges in the old series display considerably more signs of material fatigue and corrosion, only the new series are suitable for high-quality refilling. We therefore generally buy only cartridges from the new series. You can find the criteria under Production Series.

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