Your Benefits

Why should you sell us your empty toner or inkjet cartridges?

We always make payments according to our latest price list.

Our price list for empty cartridges is valid for one month and completely binding. You can view the Toner Buying Prices and Ink-Jet Buying Prices anytime your are online.

We keep our promise to pay.

After examination of the empty cartridges, payment will be made by bank transfer or crossed cheque within 7 working days of receiving your empty cartridges. We will also send a complete and detailed statement per email to you.

You don't have to notify us about your shipment.

You don't have to notify us in advance about your shipment of the empty cartridges, just send them.

You don't have to pre-sort or list your empties.

We don't need you to list or pre-sort your empties. We're happy to do this for you. Simply make sure that your ink-jet and toner cartridges are well packaged and send them to us.

We guarantee that disposal takes place in a way that is environmentally friendly.

We sort your empty toner and inkjet cartridges according to type and quality and pass them on to recycling companies for processing. Defective cartridges that are not included in our price list are disposed of in a certified and environmentally friendly way. This only applies to cartridges that cannot be re-used or re-cycled.

There are no hidden costs.

You don't have to pay a processing charge or a disposal fee for your transport packages.