Terms and Conditions

Unsere Bedingungen für den Ankauf leerer Druckerpatronen, Toner und Wertstoffe:

Please note!

The following conditions apply when we purchase of your empty toner and inkjet cartridges and other recyclable items:

Purchase prices

The terms of our current Purchase Price List apply to all transactions. The amount of compensation depends on the Purchase Price List in force when we receive your empty cartridges, toner cartridges, CDs, cables, digital cameras, tablet PCs or mobile phones. These prices can vary from one month to the next. All prices are stated in euros.

Delivery / collection

The consignment containing your items must be sent carriage paid, i.e. all transport costs are to be borne by the customer. Alternatively, you can ask us to arrange for a collection. If the content of your pallet exceeds a certain value, we will cover the cost of collection and delivery. Check here to find the minimum qualifying value for free collection in your country. We can only accept responsibility for accidental loss or deterioration of the goods once they have been delivered to the office of geldfuermuell GmbH at Bahnhofstrasse 26, D-91161 Hilpoltstein.


When we receive your consignment, our technical staff check the quantity and condition of the empty toner and ink cartridges. Payment is made by bank transfer within 7 working days (Monday to Friday) of receipt. You also receive a statement by email.


Empties must be adequately packed. Ideally, each individual toner cartridge should be packed in its original PE bag and in air cushion packaging (AirBag) or similar. Please put ink cartridges in individual plastic bags, as they normally contain some residual ink that could leak out. Please put CDs, cables, digital cameras, tablet PCs and mobile phones in a bag (not individually) to keep them separate from the empty toner and inkjet cartridges. We would ask you not to use any expanded polystyrene or packing peanuts and recommend that you use newspaper as a packing material instead. Any damage caused by inadequate packing is the responsibility of the consignee. Consignments contaminated with inadequately packed toner or ink will not be credited but will be disposed of and the cost of doing so passed on to the customer at €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT if applicable).

Shipping ticket

Each consignment of empty ink or toner cartridges must be accompanied by a shipping ticket containing your address, email address and phone number. geldfuermuell GmbH assumes no liability for delays due to missing information. A list of contents is not necessary. However, without a delivery note with a contents list or a completed despatch list, complaints concerning the contents of the consignment are not possible for technical reasons.

Defective or unusable inkjet printer and toner cartridges

We will only pay for fully functional cartridges, i.e. cartridges that are undamaged and included in our Purchase Price List. If you would like to have any non-functional toner or ink cartridges back, please be sure to make use of our shipping ticket and to highlight your request for us not to dispose of them.

Faulty mobile phones, cables, CDs and other items

We will only pay for cell phones, cables, digital cameras, tablet PCs and CDs whose condition upon arrival at our offices meets the criteria explained in our Requirements. We will levy a fee of €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT if applicable) for disposing of waste of any another kind, such as desk phone handsets, analogue cameras or other electronic waste.

Non-recyclable toner and inkjet cartridges

We will dispose of small, household quantities of non-recyclable toner cartridges free of charge (i.e. toner cartridges that are not listed on the relevant Purchase Price List when we receive them or are marked for disposal). We will normally dispose of non-recyclable inkjet cartridges free of charge irrespective of quantity. For "carriage paid" consignments (when the transport costs are covered by the sender), we will waive the "domestic" quantity requirement on the basis: "you take care of the shipping costs - we will take care of the cost of disposal".

Small household quantities of toner cartridges for disposal free of charge:

Delivery method Per parcel Per pallet / cage pallet
Delivery "carriage paid" up to 20kg up to 50kg
Pallet collection up to 5kg up to 20kg

A fee of €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT if applicable) will be levied to cover the proper disposal of consignments that exceed the above "household" quantities. If you would like to have any of your empty toner or ink cartridges back, please be sure to use only our shipping ticket and to highlight your request for us not to dispose of them.

Cartridge recycling companies, bulk quantities

We buy from commercial end users, computer equipment dealers and private individuals. Cartridge recycling companies should note that our purchase prices have to be agreed in advance. Commercial recyclers should advise us in advance in writing of any deliveries, which will require our purchase confirmation. We reserve the right to refuse large quantities of empty cartridges, CDs, cables, digital cameras, tablet PCs or mobile phones or to restrict quantities to suit our requirements. We will dispose of all non-recyclable toner and inkjet cartridges (cartridges which upon arrival are not listed on our Purchase Price List, or have been marked as "for disposal") sent to us by cartridge recycling companies. This service is chargeable at €1.50 per kilogramme (plus VAT if applicable).

Miscellaneous / Severability Clause

All the trade names and accessory marks are subject to copyright protection for various manufacturers, and are presented here solely for viewing purposes. All business transactions shall be subject to the General Terms & Conditions of geldfuermuell GmbH, even if geldfuermuell GmbH has not expressly excluded the other party's terms of business. By sending us an empty module or by issuing us a pick-up order, you automatically accept our General Terms & Conditions, which can be viewed at all times in the Internet under www.geldfuermuell.de.

If any provision of these Terms of Business is declared or becomes void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect, whereupon the offending provision shall be replaced with one that best reflects the purpose of the original provision. Jurisdiction shall be in Schwabach. Place of performance is Hilpoltstein. These Terms of Business shall be governed exclusively by the Laws of Germany.